November 25th 2017

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  • Would you like to learn skills that will have you master your thinking and your emotions?

  • Are you aware that successful people are using specific thought strategies and process to achieve results? Would you like to know what they are doing?

  • Do you still have negative reactions or thoughts from the past that are getting in the way of you making a successful future for yourself?

If so, join us for this one day introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to not only discover the psychology of results but how to start changing your own mindset for the better and to begin empowering others around you too.

Join some like-minded individuals just outside of North London

However, it’s not just about empowerment and positive thinking.

NLP has been used in education, business, sports and many other important areas of life. It’s helped people to develop strategies to make their lives successful, which takes a lot more than pleasant thoughts.

It’s also not about manipulating people into doing things that they do not want to do.The kind of training we provide is ecological. It’s about giving people the opportunity to achieve their own personal best – in whichever area of life they most need to focus on, and to have them interacting with others in a more harmonious way.

I have been running the NLP and Hypnotherapy training programmes with People Building for the last 9 years, and every training delivers major shifts for people. Some have given up foods that they were addicted to without any craving. Others have finally forgiven close relatives who mistreated them, some have completely changed their direction in life and started coaching others and making a real difference in the world (whilst getting paid for it). I know the results that this brings and this is why I am so passionate about sharing it with others.

But I’m not going to mislead you here. There’s a few important things I want you to know about me and why I am putting on this event for ***just 1 penny.***

Why does it cost a penny? Why isn’t it a free day of NLP training?
When we host these events, I am most interested in spending my time, energy and money on people who are truly committed to making a difference in their lives and getting results for themselves and for the greater good. I am happy to share the skills and knowledge I have in the most cost efficient way for you as possible, but I don’t like it when people make commitments to being there and then fail to show up. As such, please only sign up using the form below if you intend to come along.

The other important thing to mention is, I know a lot of people come along to these events thinking I will just give away a day’s training for a penny “for the greater good” and then they get offended when I introduce our training and the investments associated with it.

Let me be clear, I’m on a mission and I’m inviting you to join me on that mission. My mission is simple: to get as many people accessing the skills that I have, as possible.

As such, I will be letting you know about the ongoing opportunities with us and there is a financial cost associated with these. However, I will make some significant and appealing discounts available on the day and I will offer the option for installment payments too, for those who want to work with us but who’d like to break the payments down into bite sized pieces.

I once had someone come along to one of these events who said “Well it’s alright for you, you make your money from this by selling the training” but the truth is, the training is a tiny fraction of what I do. I still work with clients 1:1 two days every week. In delivering this training to you, I don’t just teach it. I share with you real life case studies and I’ll tell you honestly how the techniques and models from NLP work from a real life perspective. And whilst we might not have time on the day to discuss how to market your new skills in a way that has you able to ethically charge for your good work, you can know that one of my favourite tasks is to help others ensure that they get a return on their investment as a result of attending our trainings.

Of course some people do not want to learn NLP to become a coach or therapist – about 60% of our delegates are there for personal development reasons only. We have all had some negative conditioning in our lives at some point or another, and for many people who want to become richer (be that financially, spiritually or in your relationships) those old and out of date negativities, still holds them back.

Don’t let old negative thought processes (that were probably never yours to begin with) keep getting in the way of the riches you deserve.

Here’s what some of our past delegates had to say about training with us:

“Brilliant support throughout, if there was anything that I didn’t get to grips with at first I felt confident to ask and it was explained again in a way that I could understand.”

“Everything that I have learnt this week has completely blown me away! I am so impressed, I couldn’t give you just one example.”

“Gemma was brilliant, very patient and totally knowledgeable in her field. Gemma is the second trainer that I have had in this field, and she has been so worth it!”

“Gemma’s sense of humour, and the techniques I have learnt were taught in a way that was better than just “sitting at a desk and being dictated to”. They allowed for a lot of interactions and lots of flexibility. Gemma also made everyone feel like their questions were important and she listened to what we had to say.”

“It really pushed my boundaries and changed my perception of what is going on out in the world! It also helped me to understand how to deal with different situations with confidence.”

“I know I can do it now! I have more confidence and I want to learn more!”

“Supported – ABSOLUTELY! Gemma is great – Confident, fast, sufficient and she explains everything very very well – I know I understand my training now!”

“I learned about something new and demonstrated I could apply it through the exercises, and I now know what I want next.”

“Gemma was a really good trainer and made it easy for me to understand so I could use it. Now I know I can do it, I feel much happier.”


Who is this day suited to?
We have designed this day for those who

  • Feel they would benefit from learning these skills for their own personal or professional development
  • Want to achieve a qualification from an accredited trainer (we are accredited by the ANLP, the UK professional body)
  • Have learned some theory but want an opportunity to apply the practical skills
  • Are interested in becoming a coach or therapist and using NLP

(This day is not provided as an alternative to a refresher for those who are already qualified in NLP. Please contact the ANLP to find a local practice group if you want to find an environment to exercise the fantastic skills you already have.)

Some things you should know about People Building & how we use NLP:

Our training is driven by practical, ecological ways in which you will learn to use the techniques from NLP. You will have an opportunity to see the techniques via live demonstrations, to understand the theory, ask questions and to practice with the skills. Whilst we appreciate that sometime people experience breakthroughs in our training (and we welcome them), it’s not:

  • A course that insists each delegates gives out “free hugs” twice a day. We respect your personal space.
  • We will not be holding hands in a circle and singing ‘Heal The World.’ If you want to, you really can but it probably won’t actually heal the world.
  • We will offer a safe environment for you to learn about how to get the best from yourself and others. Then we will give you an accredited qualification should you meet the desired standard to warrant it.
  • We will help you to get results on a personal and professional level by telling you what challenges you might face in using the techniques outside of the training room, and how to avoid and overcome those challenges.
  • We will teach you NLP and Hypnotherapy in a fun and professional way.

In short, our training is made up of tangible strategies for your personal development.


So as well as sharing with you….

  1. Some instantly usable content from the world of NLP
  2. The opportunity to perform practical exercises on the day
  3. A chance to find out about further training with us

….I promise to also tell you about how I have made a very successful business for myself and others using NLP and Hypnotherapy on a day-to-day basis with adults, corporations such as Microsoft, and in schools with teachers and children.

I’m very excited about spending the day with you so sign up below and we will be in touch shortly to confirm your place.

Best wishes

Gemma Bailey
Director of People Building

This event is taking place in Hemel Hempstead, just outside of North London from 9:30am until 5:00pm on Saturday 25th November 2017. (Alternative dates at the top of the page.)

By Train/Tube
The venue is a ten minute walk from Hemel Hempstead train station.
By Car
The Box Moor Trust Centre is situated just off the A41 on the old London Road in Hemel Hempstead. The Centre is located within easy access of the M1 and M25 motorways (Limited Parking available).

The Box Moor Trust Centre,
London Road,
Hemel Hempstead

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